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Your guide to learn how to become a CNA

Do you need to be told how to become a CNA? Becoming a CNA is usually a worthwhile career move. Maybe you would like to learn how to become a CNA mainly because you think it's a good fit for your friendly, pleasant and extroverted personality. Maybe you merely desire to aid others. Or it could be you might think the pay and hours are simply just what you need.

Regardless of the reason, you need to understand HOW to become a CNA right away. The procedure isn't too tough, but it really sometimes may seem like you can easily look for hours online and not have much of the important information.

The best thing is that the prerequisites to become a CNA are super easy to fulfill. If you meet what's needed, then you are able to sign up for a small number of classes, pass your exam and you will be in a position to become a full-time CNA.

Within a number of weeks or months, you can have your very first job as a good CNA.

Here's the complete method, separated, detail by detail.

STEP 1: Know the Qualifications

For you to function as a CNA you must satisfy some basic pre-reqs. Don't worry, though. Because Certified Nurses Aides are a basic level job, the pre-reqs are not too difficult to meet.

As a result, even if you're a young adult with no training, a very busy parent searching for your first profession, or just don't have a lot of experience, you can most likely meet the criteria to become a CNA.

The exact pre-reqs are different from one state to another. Ordinarily, the criteria include things like:
  • You are 18 years old (in some states, you can be sixteen)
  • You need to complete a criminal record check, which includes fingerprinting.
  • You already have a high school diploma or GED
  • You need to successfully pass a drug test
  • You can complete an evaluation for transmittable health conditions including TB, hepatitis, and so on
  • You have correct immunizations
For actual requirements, you should make contact with the right organization in your area. This is normally the office of professions, public health or nurse licensing.

So do you fulfill the prerequisites? If so, you learned a little bit more on how to become a CNA. Now you should get licensed to help you be a CNA and begin working.

STEP 2: Begin Certification Courses - CNA Online Classes or Standard Classes

The next measure in discovering how to become a CNA would be to learn the necessary skills. Each region requires that you simply get certified, which includes enrolling in essential courses in theory, performing lab work and performing monitored clinical study.

This is the necessity in order to become a CNA. It's impossible to get around it, you need to take courses and become certified if you would like become a CNA. This is the central lesson you can discover when you are learning how to become a CNA.

Fortunately these courses take only 4 to 24 weeks, based on the kind of lesson you take, along with the course schedule. So you can get through the complete program and become a CNA, including a career and income, within just weeks. Think how this compares to becoming a Registered Nurse (RN), which can take several years simply to get done with your required school program!

Whilst men and women figuring out how to become a CNA have customarily gone to these types of classes on-site in a local school, CNA classes online seem to be getting a lot more favored. Prior to now, there initially were just a small amount of organizatoins that provided CNA classes online. But these days, quite a few organizations will offer CNA classes online.

Before you decide to start, however, make certain that the college you pick is approved and accredited for CNA classes online in your state. For example, one school may be approved for people looking to get certified in California, but may not be recognized in New York. The simplest way to find out about this would be to contact the college personally before registering. The phone call takes a couple of short minutes, and also will certainly help save you lots of precious time.

CNA classes online can be good if you must take the classes on your own time, and don't want to be tied in to being in classes on a predetermined routine. This is excellent for busy folks, or if you really don't prefer to attend school.

However you've got to go to an actual physical school to accomplish your lab education. And also you have to go to a hospital, nursing home or an authorized training center to execute your monitored clinical education. So, remember that as you're picking your CNA classes online, and ensure you are close to sites in which you can conduct your instruction before paying your registration fees.

Now, if CNA classes online don't seem to be for you, then you can still go the way of traditional lessons that teach you on how to become a CNA. To make this happen, connect with the office of professions, nursing licensing or public health in your locale and they may offer a directory of nearby, certified educational facilities that you can attend in your location.

STEP 3: Put in a request for the Certification Exam

When you finally have finished your classes, you absolutely need to sign up for the certification test. You can do this by finding the company that runs the CNA qualification examinations in your area. This differs from place to place, but there are two organizations that administer tests in a good number of US states.

One company is the NNAAP which covers 23 US states.

Another is Prometric, which administers tests in twelve states.

If your state is not listed by NNAAP or Prometric, you will want to verify with your state's agency of professions, nursing licensing or public health to determine which testing agency administers the exam for you to become a CNA.

When you find yourself prepared to take your test, head over to the web page for the testing company (Prometric, NNAAP or the agency in your state) and print the application form. Complete the form, and send it off to the street address listed on the form, and you will have signed up for your certification exam to become a CNA.

STEP 4: Successfully pass the CNA Certification Test

You worked your butt off to learn about how to become a CNA. You took your CNA classes online, or your on-site courses. You've signed up for the exam, and the big day is here now.

Your training and classes have very well prepared you for your exam. You only have to pass.

When you finally complete the exam, the organization that administered the exam (like Prometric or NNAAP) will grade your test and give you a score out of 100. If you succeed, they will certainly issue your certification and list your name and certification identification on the Nurse Aid Registry for your area.

If you earn a passing grade, make certain you get listed in the Nurse Aid Registry in your state, because your new job uses this registry to ensure you're certified, and have all of the necessary requirements to work as a CNA.

STEP 5: Find CNA Work

Getting a job when you have your CNA certification is a worthwhile event. Within the past few years, we have witnessed thousands of CNA jobs made available in the United States, with a projection of about 300,000 CNA jobs made available by 2020! It's certainly a great time period to have a CNA certification.

When you finally get your certification, and you mastered how to become a CNA, you can check online job sites like that could display Certified Nursing Assistant work opportunities in your area. Just put in your zip code and you will see all of the CNA jobs in your area.

If you are not able to find any employment opportunities on the web, then you should contact local medical facilities or nursing homes to see if there are any positions available. Considering that becoming a CNA also qualifies you for many in-home medical care jobs, you could also place flyers at your neighborhood place of worship or community center that may lead to a non-public career for an exclusive client, caring for a person in their own personal house.

STEP 6: Pat yourself on the back for mastering how to become a CNA

Studying how to become a CNA can take a while and effort, but after it all you have conquered something good.

By learning how to become a CNA, you become eligible for a wide world of of rewarding careers, and can begin making more money by actually helping people.

It's time to celebrate that great achievement!

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